Dear Clients and Partners,

As the number of new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continues to increase around the world, the ECOMPASS Group considers it to be of the utmost importance to take proactive measures and keep its worldwide community of customers, partners, and suppliers appropriately informed.

In the face of this unprecedented crisis, the ECOMPASS Group is committed to providing a safe environment for all its employees and ensuring business continuity. On this latter point, ECOMPASS has backed up all its key corporate functions so as to ensure that its governance is maintained at Group level, and it has put in place an action plan to continuously monitor the changing impact of the current crisis on those key corporate functions and the way they operate. We are also undertaking full business impact assessments across all our business lines to identify potential risks and make preparations to ensure the continuity of services under a worst-case scenario.

Throughout all its operations, the ECOMPASS Group is taking all the measures it possibly can so as to maintain its usual high levels of delivery performance across all its business activities, whilst at the same time protecting the health of both its employees, and of other individuals in contact with them in the course of those activities.

In order to manage this unprecedented situation as effectively as possible, The ECOMPASS Group’s board of directors conducts crisis meetings on a weekly basis and has already taken the following measures :

  • ECOMPASS has suspended all non-essential business travel and asked its employees to avoid any non-urgent personal travel. In the case of essential travel, we have put in place 14-day self-isolation measures. 
  • We are keeping the number of visitors attending meetings at our offices to a minimum, encouraging all employees to use virtual conference facilities rather than on-site meetings, and canceling all events, seminars, meet-ups and trade shows, as a precaution. 
  • With flexibility being a feature of the way we operate and remote working a common practice for our staff, we are putting in place remote-working arrangements wherever they are feasible and approved by our clients. 
  • As experts in data and digital technology, with a solid Cloud-based SaaS culture and a strong infrastructure, we have expanded our teams' access to our secure networks and video-conferencing facilities. Our IT systems are perfectly designed to suit a remote workforce. Moreover, most of our staff are equipped with laptops and mobile phones and have access to the 4G network, so they are used to working effectively from any location. All internet connections on ECOMPASS laptops and phones are protected using secure technology. We have policies in place that focus on security as a central issue and guide our people on how to work securely when out of the office, so as to ensure confidentiality and data protection. 
  • We have provided our teams with best-practice health tips and continue to keep them updated on a daily basis. 
  • We are following all guidance from Public Health Authorities and passing on to our employees on a regular basis all relevant information and guidance on how they can help prevent the spread of the virus and protect each other. We are regularly reminding our employees of the importance of maintaining the sense of calm that is essential for the proper conduct of their work in this crisis situation. 
  • Finally, we have reinforced both internal and external channels of communication, and, as always, we are prioritizing effective communication with you, so that you can remain focused on the successful achievement of your projects and business challenges.

At this time, the ECOMPASS Group does not foresee any significant adverse impact on its ability to continue to deliver services to its clients in any of its countries of operation, and it is well prepared to manage business continuity challenges with virtually no interruption.

We are constantly keeping abreast of developments and reassessing the situation to enable us to adjust our contingency planning accordingly.

Please feel free to contact us on this page should you have any queries, and do not hesitate to pass this message, and our further announcements, on to any of your employees working, or in contact, with our company.

We hope that you can all stay healthy and thank you for continuing to place your trust in us.

Serge Myngheer
Founder & President of ECOMPASS Group


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